Gift Ideas for Pet Owners

Wrapped Gift

What is the perfect gift for Fluffy or Fido’s caregiver? You can spend a little, a lot, or even nothing — just give of your time. We’ve compiled some ideas to help you choose gifts for the pet owners in your life.

Informative and entertaining gifts

  • Some books about animals are reference books, others are coffee table books, and some are the kind you sit down and read. You’ll find a range of subjects — health, training, behavior, communication, general information, children’s books, and even pet fashion.
  • Videos about animals cover general animal information, pet care, pet training, and emergency first aid. If you’re buying gifts for children, look for children’s videos.

Personalized gifts

  • Who doesn’t want a photo of their furry family member? Take one yourself and have it framed, or hire a photographer to take a photo.
  • Instead of having a pet photo framed, have one silk-screened onto a T-shirt or imprinted on a mouse pad or ceramic tile.
  • Have a portrait made from a pet photo.
  • A custom-engraved ceramic food dish creates a personal touch and can be coordinated with the home decor.
  • Have a customized jigsaw puzzle made with a favorite pet photo.
  • A pet peg rack makes it convenient to keep leashes, harnesses, and pet sweaters and jackets in one place. Have the pet’s name engraved on the peg rack to make it personal.
  • For the person who has lost a beloved pet, consider a pet memorial such as this beautiful 3D Photo Tower by For All Gifts.

Decorative gifts

  • Necklaces, rings, and engravings come in cat, dog, and other animal shapes.
  • Animal ornaments and sculptures range from whimsical to artistic.

Gifts that are decorative and practical

  • Pet calendars with photos of animals are available to suit every taste. Some pet calendars are fundraisers for animal rescue organizations, animal shelters, and humane organizations.
  • Pet-themed doormats feature animal sayings and pictures of animals.

Gifts to support pet health

  • Pet health insurance as an annual gift lifts the financial burden of medical expenses, especially as animals get older.
  • A pet first aid kit is a one-time choice that also helps protect animals’ well-being.
  • For those with older dogs, a pet ramp allows dogs get in and out of vehicles and boats with less help from people. It can also be placed over stairs for dogs that have difficulty getting up and down steps.

Gifts with a clean theme

  • Specially-made bags fasten to dog collars. Smaller bags hold just plastic bags to pick up dog waste while on walks; bigger bags have room for dog leashes, hand sanitizer, and personal items such as keys.
  • For owners of pets with bladder control problems or cats that spray, a black light urine detector quickly locates the source of the odor.

Gift certificates for the pet owner

Many vendors and service providers provide gift certificates:

  • Pet product and supply stores
  • Online pet product shops
  • Veterinarians
  • Pet service providers such as dog groomers and pet photographers

Gifts of your time

Make your own certificate to offer a service for the pet owner:

  • Dog walking
  • Pet sitting
  • Driving the person and animal to the veterinarian or dog groomer