What our customers say…

Just want to say I have received the Odor Destroyer, used it and I am enjoying the results. We had a dog who was constantly urinating on both the furniture and carpets. Both my wife and I on several occasions steam cleaned everything and always used “pet odor neutralizers” to no avail. Odor is gone for a couple of days and then we have a masked odor which is terrible in its own right. We had just about had it. Your product, however, is doing the trick and we are extremely happy. We moved in our present house a couple of years back and purchased all new carpeting and furniture. We could not afford to replace what has been ruined. Thank you for your truth in advertising and offering such a miracle product. I recommend this product to anyone.

— Virginia.

I am impressed. The Odor Destroyer does seem to be working. I think the only source of the odor now is in the padding and I resprayed that for the second time this morning. I told you that you would hear from me one way or the other about this product. Please send me some info relating to distributing this stuff here in my area.

— N. Carolina.

Thank you for keeping us informed. We received the shipment on Saturday morning. I used your product [Odor Destroyer] that same afternoon and am VERY PLEASED to report that the smell has literally DISAPPEARED. NOTHING has worked for us the way your product has and, believe me, I have tried it all. Other products merely mask the odor for an hour—-maybe—then you can detect the odor again. I will tell everyone I know who has a similar problem about your product. It’s wonderful not to be self conscious about inviting guests over to our house for fear of a lingering odor in the air.

— Maryland

The CatScram arrived and as soon as we turned the catscram on our cats didn’t like it at all! it works great! I was skeptical at first to try it but it only took 5 minutes for them to figure out that they need to stay out of our bedroom. thank you!

— Jessica M.

I just wanted to say how impressd I was when I purchased your “odor destroyer” product. I have been battling my two cats who have recently decided to “mark territories” inside my house for the past couple months and have tried product after product to discourage them and to no avail..nothing seemed to work. In searching the internet for other alternatives, I came across your website and decided I would try one more product. To my surprise – not only did it work great….but it worked with the first treatment…:) After reading about the product and the instructions, I was hesitant about how well it would work because the instructions said it may take a couple applications – mind you, my cats have been using my carpet in the same spot…month after month….and it really worked with the first application. I have also sprayed it around other areas “just in case” my two little felines decide to “do their duty” somewhere else – It not only eliminated them from going in their usual spot but also deterred them from going to any other spot. Your product is a life saver…no more stinky cats in my house….just loveable, soft, cuddly, litter box using kitties….:) Thanks again.

— Lisa R.

I have used the Odor Destroyer product and I am delighted with the results. The product has a very nice fragrance and it seems to work very well.

Thanks for everything,
— Cindy A

The Odor Destroyer is a great product.

— Chuck

Hi there,
I ordered 2 catscrams from you with the 9V AC adapters which worked absolutely wonderfully, so I ordered a 3rd…

— Dana L

I received the 4 pounds of catnip that I ordered. I did a cat show this weekend and took some cat nip pouches made with the catnip. When I gave the customers a pouch with the catnip, their cats loved it.

— Jerry S.

I recently purchased the vanilla scented “Odor Destroyer” to get the smell of cat urine out of my couch and chair, where two of my cats had urinated. I believe this was especially difficult, as the cushions are so thick and you never really know how deeply the urine seeped into them. I had used an enzyme product purchased from my vet which had a horrible smell of its own and only helped a little, leaving behind it’s own smell AND the cat urine smell. As a last resort, I did a search on the web and found your website and subsequently purchased your product, along with the black light. What especially interested me is where the description of the product said that it is especially useful where enzyme products have not worked. I am THRILLED with the results of your product…I believe the smell is finally gone, with a light vanilla scent (my favorite) remaining. THANK YOU! I would recommend your product to anyone.

— April O.

I went to your website to get your fax number but could not find it… Would you email me your fax number again? I am DESPERATE for more product [Odor Destroyer]!!!
Have you gotten any orders from my referrals? I am making you a legend here in LA and several people should have ordered from you already.
Your product is truly saving my home life.

— Dr. Dena

You are so kind to reply so quickly. Thanks for your email. The black light works fine. I have a new kitten so I may be ordering more products soon!

— Pat T.

Thanks for the great service!

— Matt Y

Your odor destroyer for cat urine is the greatest, you saved my new sofa and love seat! I will pass on the good information…
P.S. My cat, thanks you, he could have become homeless, only kidding….

Many thanks,
— Virginia & Tiger

Thank you so much for your great customer service. I will be ordering from your site again.

– Nancy