Are there any home remedies that will eliminate pet urine and spray odor?

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy home remedies for pet urine odors and stains. Home remedy odor removers are definitely cheap to make. But when you add the damage they can cause, they can be much more expensive than a good commercial odor remover. If there were a cheap solution that worked, we certainly wouldn’t be spending lots of money on the costly ingredients used to manufacture OdorDestroyer brand pet odor remover products.

It is important to note that many of the home remedies for pet urine odors that have been published over the years are not only ineffective at removing urine odors, but they can also cause additional damage to your property. Unfortunately, on many home and garden websites pet urine and pet odor remedies are traded like baseball cards.

You get what you pay for. That ‘make it yourself’ pet odor remover formula may seem cheap but once you add the cost of replacing your carpet, padding, and quite possibly the subflooring, you’ll find that it wasn’t such a good deal after all. Below, I have listed a few of the more popular home remedies and the problems associated with them.

When you need to eliminate pet odors, Stick to high quality professionally engineered odor removers like Odor Destroyer and Pet Stainoff 


Home Remedy Notes
Water Not used by itself, but included in many other remedies. Any solution that adds more water to the situation only makes the problem larger and moves it deeper into your carpeting.
Bleach Strong odor. Fades colors and clothing. Significantly weakens textiles. May permanently lock odor 95% water (see above)
Ammonia Increases ammonia smell. Also 98+% water (see above)
Oxygen bleach, OxyClean Can cause permanent pink discoloration in carpeting. Requires adding water (see above)
Vinegar Can cause odor to be permanently locked in. Mostly water (see above)
Fabreeze Not designed for urine. Makes a really stinky mess.
Hydrogen Peroxide,
Baking Soda,
and Liquid Soap
Heavily degrades carpet backing materials. Can cause tissue damage to skin. Particularly dangerous to soft tissue such as eyes, throat, etc. Note: This combination is often sold online as a ‘three ingredient secret remedy’.
Paint, polyrethane, etc These types of coatings are liquid impermeable, but gas permeable. This locks in the odor producing material while allowing the obnoxious vapors to continue escape.


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