6 Tips to Reduce Litter Box Odor in your home

cat litter box

A cat is an excellent choice of pet for animal lovers, especially those who may not be interested in going outside early in the morning to walk a dog. While this may allow you a few extra minutes in your warm bed, the stench of a freshly-used litter box may drive you out of the room. Whether you live in a small apartment or have trouble with the litter box smell in a particular area of your house, following these tips will help mitigate the infamous cat urine odor

1. The first and most obvious way to keep litter box odors to a minimum is to clean the box regularly. Cat owners should scoop their pet’s litter tray at least once a day to maintain a fresh and clean-smelling environment. A litter box that is free of previous waste will require less digging by your pet, and cleaning regularly will reduce the frequency with which you need to fully replace the litter.

2. Line the bottom of the litter tray with a thin layer of baking soda. There are specially made litter box deodorizers, but baking soda is just as effective. This will help fight odors when your cat uses its box, reducing the unpleasant smells that often follow.

3. Experiment with different locations for the litter box. Cats are very intelligent, so as long as you show your pet the new litter box location, it will know where to go. The box should be kept somewhere that is easily accessible for both you and your pet. It is worth testing different locations as some spots may make the odor less bothersome for the apartment’s occupants.

4. Try out different litter box models. While many vets recommend open-topped litter trays, some cats do not mind the covered trays and actually enjoy the privacy it affords them. If your cat doesn’t mind the closed tray, it is a worthwhile investment as it will help to contain foul odors.

5. Some cat owners prefer to line the litter box with newspaper. The paper will soak up your cat’s urine, which will help reduce the odor. However, this can make cleaning a more cumbersome process and requires regular changing to ensure the smell does not start to stagnate.

6. Avoid scented litters. While the theory is that the scent should mask any unpleasant smells, scented litter can exacerbate smells in smaller spaces and make the combined effect very disagreeable.

Regardless of your living situation, the domestic bliss experienced by both you and your cat will increase as you find ways to reduce the litter box odor. Each of the points mentioned above provides a good place to start.