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Pet Stainoff, Handheld Blacklight, CatScram - Value pack

Pet Stainoff, Handheld Blacklight, CatScram - Value pack

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The Pet Stainoff value pack combines one quart of Pet Stainoff, a 6in handheld blacklight, a CatScram cat repellent, and batteries in one economical package.

Pet Stainoff is a formulated blend of pet odor eliminators designed to deliver maximum pet odor removal. Use Pet Stainoff pet odor eliminator to remove nasty pet odors like cat spray, dog urine and cat urine.

The Blacklight urine detector will help you locate the pet urine spots causing your pet odor problem quickly and easily for faster, more effective odor elimination. You'll be amazed as previously invisible pet urine spots now glow bright yellow. Cat spray, cat urine, dog urine, and even human urine all glow under the Blacklight urine detector.

The CatScram cat repellent detects motion and emits a high-pitched electronic squeal that frightens cats away quickly.

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