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Odor Destroyer Dry - Outdoor pet odor remover - 5#

Odor Destroyer Dry - Outdoor pet odor remover - 5#

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Packaged in a 5# plastic pail   Also available in an economical 25# package

Designed to tackle those difficult to solve outdoor odor problems, Odor Destroyer - Dry is the superior alternative to lime for outdoor urine odors in your yard, kennel, or dog run. Best of all, because Odor Destroyer - Dry is composed of all natural components it is completely biodegradable, non-hazardous, and non-toxic.

Easy to Use
Odor Destroyer - Dry is very easy to use. Simply sprinkle Odor Destroyer Dry over your dog run, kennel, or other affected area. The product quickly goes to work absorbing and breaking down the urine that is responsible of nasty kennel odors.

How it works
Odor Destroyer Dry outdoor odor remover is made up of crystals that have a interconnecting lattice structure, similar to a honeycomb. This lattice structure gives the molecules a massive surface area, allowing it to absorb moisture, urine, and odor molecules that total as much as 65 percent of the weight of the product itself. Once the odor producing materials have been trapped, natural minerals in the product help remove the moisture from the urine, leaving only odorless urea crystals to be decomposed in the sun. Each day in bright sunshine destroys these crystams (and other contaminants) and restores the product to it's original working condition.

Application Rate
The proper rate of application for Odor Destroyer Dry depends on the amount of urine deposited in the area. Some of the product is neutralized as it consumes the urine and periodic reapplication will be necessary if you pet continues to urinate in the area. The rate of reapplication will depend on the volume of urine deposited in the covered area.For a single medium dog, we recommend starting with 5# per 100sq.ft. After the initial application, Apply liberally to affected areas at a rate of 1/4 cup per urine spot. For small pets, application may be reduced to 1/8 cup per urine spot. Reapplication after rain is not necessary.

For larger or multiple dogs where the urine deposited is greater, increase application rate until the odor returns to an acceptible level. If the area already has a severe urine odor problem, we recommend pre-soaking with Pet Stainoff stain and odor eliminator at a rate of 1gal**/100sq.ft. Note: **1qt of Pet Stainoff product makes 1 gallon of ready to use solution.

Other uses for Odor Destroyer Dry odor remover
Odor Destroyer Dry is called and 'outdoor' odor remover because the granular product does not lend itself to indoor application. However, the product has many other uses including:

  • Mix with cat litter to keep litter box odors down.
  • Pour on concrete to absorb pet urine puddles.
  • Keep some in the garage to absorb oil, gasoline, and chemical spills.
  • On the couch, coffee table, or dining room table
  • Sprinkle on icy walks to improve safety and traction.

NOTE: Due to it's weight, this product is not eligible for $5 shipping

Frequently Asked Questions - Odor Destroyer Dry outdoor pet odor remover

  • Is the Odor Destroyer Dry harmful should my pets or children ingest it?
    No. Odor Destroyer Dry was designed with pets in mind. It is based on a natural mineral composition and is non-toxic, bio-degradable, and harmless if ingested.
  • Does the outdoor odor remover need to be 'watered in'? Will rain reduce the effectiveness of the product?
    No. Wetting will not affect the product (unless it gets washed away), nor is it necessary to activate the product. The product will take all the moisture it needs from the urine that is being composed. In severe odor cases, we do recommend that you pre-treat the area with an enzymatic product like Pet Stainoff stain and odor eliminator to kick start the natural bio-degradation process in the soil below.
  • Is the product safe for use around plants?
    Yes. OD Dry all natural and safe around all plants/animals. It can be used around decorative plants, in the food garden, and even in indor planters and herb boxes if needed.
  • Does Odor Destroyer outdoor odor remover contain lime?
    No. Lime can burn your pets feet and skin. It should never be used to abate odors in an area where people or pets will reside.
  • Can I use inexpensive powdered lime in my dog run?
    NO! NEVER use lime in an animal enclosure. This is a common recommendation as it is used to stop the stench of decomposing flesh. The problem is that when lime gets damp it becomes caustic (think drain cleaner) and will burn your pets feet badly.
  • Can the product be used in a litter box?
    Most definitely. Stir in about 1 cup for every 10# of new litter to suppress odors and extend the life of the litter.
  • Can I the product on gravel, pavers, dirt, etc?
    Yes. You can use the product anywhere you don't mind a granular product with a consistency similar to sand.
  • Can the product be used indoors?
    Yes. Please be aware that Odor Destroyer – Dry is a granular similar to sand. We do not recommend it’s use in applications where a sand like material would be undesirable.Yes. You can use the product anywhere you don't mind a granular product with a consistency similar to sand.
  • Is Odor Destroyer - Dry Safe?
    Yes, entirely safe, all-natural, non-hazardous and non-toxic. It's gentle to people, animals, barn equipment and stall mats. It can be eaten and, in fact, the mineral is used as a feed supplement for cattle and swine to improve metabolism, lessen bloating and overcome scours. It is also safe for use with foals and in birthing areas.
  • Can I use Odor Destroyer - Dry in my crawl space, dog run, or garden?
    Yes, Odor Destroyer - Dry is excellent for use underhomes and in crawl spaces. It's perfect for those situations where cats have used you crawl space, garden, or underneath your porch space as a litter box.
  • Does Odor Destroyer - Dry work for other animals?
    Extremely well, and will control odors generated by all animals. Odor Destroyer - Dry's use is not limited to yard odors. In fact, it is being used by breeders of a variety of animals, including lambs, ratites, dogs, cats, swine, sheep, rabbits, gerbils, mice, and reptiles. Odor Destroyer - Dry has also been very effective at moving llama and alpaca dung piles.
  • Do you need to mix Odor Destroyer - Dry with hydrated lime?
    No, there's no reason to do so. Odor Destroyer - Dry is much more effective then hydrated lime. Furthermore, unlike hydrated lime, Odor Destroyer - Dry is not toxic, caustic or hazardous to use.
  • Is Odor Destroyer - Dry expensive?
    No ... it is actually less expensive than lime on a benefit to cost basis. You will use about one third as much Odor Destroyer - Dry as you would use lime and in so doing, gain superior ammonia reduction performance and moisture absorption.
  • How long will a bag of Odor Destroyer - Dry last?
    Usage will depend on the activities and habits of the your animals. For the first application, sprinkle 3-5 cups on the surface of the affected area, primarily where the animal urinates. Then, as part of daily maintenance, cover wet spots with Odor Destroyer - Dry. The quantity required will depend on the size and habits of the animal. However, generally a visible covering applied to the base of the affected is a good starting point. Then apply daily or as needed.
  • Odor Destroyer - Dry absorbs urine odors, but what about the moisture that is contributing to the odors?
    Yes, it absorbs the moisture as well as odors. Odor Destroyer - Dry dries the wet areas absorbing approximately 60% by weight of moisture.
  • Does Odor Destroyer - Dry work with any type of animal stall bedding?
    Yes, it performs very well with all types of bedding.
  • What if Odor Destroyer - Dry gets wet, as for instance, in a dog run after a rain?
    Moisture does not reduce the effectiveness of Odor Destroyer - Dry. By its nature, it always carries some moisture which is necessary to it's ability to absorb ammonium in urine.
  • Does Odor Destroyer - Dry work on flies?
    Yes ... very effectively reduces the fly population. Odor Destroyer - Dry is a desiccant. Flies will not light on it nor can larva live in it.
  • What do I do with Odor Destroyer - Dry when I clean up?
    Recycle the ammonium bearing Odor Destroyer - Dry as a fertilizer in pastures and gardens. Ammonium saturated Odor Destroyer - Dry has the multiple benefits of being a slow release nitrogen fertilizer, pH neutral, and water retaining soil amendment

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Odor Destroyer Dry - Product Label (front)

Odor Destroyer Dry - Product Label Front

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Odor Destroyer Dry - Image of loose product

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