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Blacklight Urine Detector - 12

Blacklight Urine Detector - 12" handheld

Price: $21.95
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8 AA batteries ($5.00):
Successful pet odor elimination requires that you locate and treat the source of the odor. The Blacklight urine detector will help you locate the pet urine spots causing your pet odor problem quickly and easily for faster, more effective odor elimination. You'll be amazed as previously invisible pet urine spots now glow bright yellow. Cat spray, cat urine, dog urine, and even human urine all glow under the Blacklight urine detector, so it can be used for all types of urine odor detection.

Uses 8 "AA" batteries or a 12v DC adapter (not included). The average life of the blacklight bulb is up to 5000 hours.

Click here to see the blacklight urine detector in action.

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