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hand_holding_house_150x150 - Pet Odor Removal StrategiesCats and dogs have certain unacceptable behaviors that are normal for their species, but problematic for humans. The odor and stains from pet urine and cat spray stubbornly cling and soak into surfaces, making a home smell less than welcoming to human senses. Can a pet odor remover work on the most tenacious of stains? Is it possible to live together in an odor-free environment? Yes, it is! The choices are not only easy, but work to help train your pet toward more acceptable behavior.

Is it Really an Accident?

Why do pets “go” where they shouldn’t? Stress in one form or another is often the cause. Both dogs and cats urinate to mark territory, and cats spray as well. Territorial behavior increases with multiple pets, or when other pets visit the home. Male cats are motivated to spray when they sense a nearby female cat in heat. Dogs are often easier to behavior train, being creatures of habit, and having a nature that wants to please (generally speaking) their master. Cats can be trained, but are far more independent. It’s easier to change a cat’s mind if you make him believe it was his idea. For instance, cats usually prefer not to eat where they urinate or defecate. If they choose a new spot to urinate apart from the litter box, they will return to that spot, locating it by scent. By removing the odor, you have a better chance at re-training your pets not to mark at all.

First, You Have to Find It

Sounds easy, but in the case of urine and feline spray, the odor can be so strong and penetrating that even a tiny, unnoticeable amount to the human eye will fill a room – or an entire house – with unpleasant odor. Feline spray in particular has been compared to skunk spray in constitution and difficulty to remove. Maybe it’s not quite as bad as a skunk, but if you have to live with it, it’s bad enough. And while urine puddles are normally apparent, spray is very hard to detect. Cats normally spray on a vertical surface, around doors and windows or favorite spots. With a handheld blacklight, finding the problem areas is easy. Under its ultraviolet rays, urine (of any species) turns yellow, and it reveals feline spray as well.

Which product should I try first?

Odor Destroyer is the most powerful pet odor removal formula, and because it is a solvent rather than a water-based liquid, it is safe to use on many otherwise difficult applications like hardwood floors and leather furniture. Rather than try product after product without effective results, Odor Destroyer is an economical first choice. However, there are some applications where a solvent based product is not suggested, such as bedding, or where odors are moderate. In that case, try Pet Stain-Off, a water based enzymatic pet odor remover.

Outdoor Potty Issues

Yes, you can have some control over cats and dogs – either yours or neighborhood animals that mark on your property. To prevent animals from using specific areas, try Repel II cat and dog repellent. Repel discourages pets from relieving themselves on lawns, flowerbeds, driveways or sidewalks. If they have already created an area that stinks, cover the odor with Odor Destroyer Dry, a safe, sand-like application suitable for gardens, lawns, or an outdoor pet odor remover is needed. Odor Destroyer Dry is highly recommended for preventing pet odors in a kennel, dog run, or litter box. For vertical cat marking spots like garbage cans or house siding, use Pet Stain-Off or Odor Destroyer spray. Once you’ve removed the territorial marks, you can make those places more undesirable to the animal with Boundary Cat Repellent or Boundary Dog Repellent. Boundary is very effective at retraining pets away from the places you want to protect. Its odor is highly unpleasant to cats and dogs, but neutral to humans. Are you frustrated with neighboring cats lurking around your bird haven? Use boundary on the soil around the shrubs where cats can hide (a bird’s olfactory senses won’t pick it up). Follow directions carefully when using Boundary around plants, especially food gardens. When applied correctly, Boundary can help protect your garden from becoming a big outdoor kitty litter box.

Feeling Good Leads to Better Behavior

Dogs and cats use pheromones, an odor only they can detect, as a stress reliever. Female dogs produce pheromones when nursing pups. Cats rub pheromones on surfaces (or people) with their faces. Face-rubbing an object or person means the cat is pleased, or feels safe, and helps him find that feel-good place again. You can give your pet this happy, reassured feeling by spraying Feliway for cats and Comfort Zone for dogs, both of which mimic natural pheromones. This is a very positive way to communicate on your pets level, and gives pets the reassurance they need in stressful situations. Less stress means fewer accidents and territorial behaviors like spraying, marking, and scratching.

Feliway Comfort Zone is a plug-in that treats up to a 650-square foot area. Feliway also comes in a spray and can be applied directly on marking spots, surfaces that might attract scratching, and other potential problem areas. Feliway also works to calm cats for transportation (use in the carrier) or when a new cat is introduced to the home (spray cat-attractive areas). Once you see your cat rubbing the site with his own cheeks, you are well on your way to success. According to a clinical study performed using 61 cats with previous marking habits, by the 28th day, 59 of the cats had stopped marking altogether. The remaining two decreased marking behavior dramatically. Because the cats replace the synthetic pheromones with their own pheromone rubbing behavior, only one consistent 30-day course of Feliway is needed.

Pets offer their owners so much – affection, loyalty, stress-relief, and more. It would be a shame if pet owners let a manageable problem like pet odor removal come between them and a happy relationship. With the right strategies and pet odor removers, your pets will once more be viewed as welcome, lovable members of the family.

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