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Dental Care for Dogs and Cats

They didn’t have — or need — toothbrushes. For the ancestors of our dogs and cats, chewing through bone and skin of wild prey accomplished the same purpose. Unlike their wild ancestors, though, domesticated dogs and cats generally eat food that’s gentle on their teeth and gums. Without the workout that the teeth and gums need, dental problems typically develop after the first few years of life.

Animal Rescue Organizations: Where Hearts Keep on Giving

According to The Animal Rescue Site, “Over 10 million animals are put to death every year in the US alone because they are unwanted, abandoned, or abused.” That’s a statistic that animal rescue organizations would like to change. Some have been abused. They may have lived in real homes until their families lost interest in them, and they were discarded like old toys. All of them are waiting at a pet rescue for a new home, where they can love and be loved in return.

Tokyo Residents Paying to Play with Cats

Cat Bag, a new commercial venture in Tokyo, Japan that charges people approximately $5 to play with cats, is proving to be very successful. “People may think cats are common because they used to be everywhere,” Makoto Suematsu, the proprietor, told an Asahi Newspaper reporter. “However, cats are not familiar animals anymore.”

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