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Can my dog build up a resistance to the K9 Kalmer?

No. The K9 Kalmer is on and active 24 hours a day but only produces calming music part of the time. At the beginning of your dogs training, the K9 Kalmer will play music for one hour and rest for one hour. By the end of the 7 day acclimation period, the K9 Kalmer will play music for one hour and rest for 5 hours. As your dog begins to become more calm, less music is neccessary to prevent them from barking. From time to time, external stimuli may raise to the level that causes your dog to begin barking once again. Should this happen and your dogs barking becomes a problem, you can reset the unit to the first setting for a refresher. Note: Do not leave the K9 Kalmer electronic bark controller on the first setting for longer than 12 hours at a time after the initial 24 hours initiation period.

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