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> > > > > Can people hear the K9 Kalmer electronic dog bark controller? No. The music produced by the bark controller is well outside the range of human hearing. However, If you could hear the K9 Kalmer in operation you would hear an unrecognizable series of tones. The tones you would hear are the doggie equivalent of "elevator music" and are scientifically engineered to reduce your dogs anxiety and apprehension. By reducing anxiety and calming your dog, they feel less need to bark in a response to outside stimuli. The K9 Kalmer does not use any loud noises or alarms to control your dogs barking. The K9 Kalmer plays an irresistible, proprietary composition of music which distracts your dogs attention away from anxiety producing stimuli and results in a dog's version of tranquility. When used in a systematic way, the K9 Kalmer will make this tranquil behavior a permanent part of a dog's life. The K9 Kalmer is completely pain free. The K9 Kalmer electronic bark controller is a humane and effective bark deterrent that quiets noisy dogs without painful shock, sprays, or ear splitting sounds.

Can people hear the Is the K9 Kalmer electronic dog bark controller?

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