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Pet Urine Detector Blacklight - handheld

Pet Urine Detector Blacklight - handheld

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Successful pet odor elimination requires that you locate and treat the source of the odor. The Blacklight urine detector will help you locate the pet urine spots causing your pet odor problem quickly and easily for faster, more effective odor elimination. You'll be amazed as previously invisible pet urine spots now glow bright yellow. Cat spray, cat urine, dog urine, and even human urine all glow under the Blacklight urine detector, so it can be used for all types of urine odor detection.

When purchasing a handheld blacklight for cat urine detection, a shorter wavelength will give much better results. We have found that 375 - 360 nm is best because shorter wavelengths cause biological fluids to fluoresce brighter. 395nm will work, but because it is still well within the visible range the visible light will make the fluorescence of the cat urine harder to see.

• Batteries: 3 "AAA"
• Bulb Life:~5000 hours
• Power:4 watts
• Wave Length:365nm
• Input Voltage:4.5VDC (3 AAA batteries)
• Weight:0.3lbs (0.1kg)
• Size:4 x 1 x 1in
• Approvals:CE

Cat spray and urine glowing under a handheld black light.

We are often asked if it is true that cat urine glows under a black light. As you can see below, the answer is yes. However, so does dog urine, human urine, and many other high protein content fluids. As such, a black light is excellent for detecting cat spray and marking, old dog pee spots, potty training mishaps, etc. The black light will also detect juice and soda stains long before they develop into ugly dark spots that are difficult to remove from your carpet and upholstery.

  Our Pet Urine Detector Blacklight illuminates unseen human urine stains on the toilet seat.  
  Human urine glowing under a handheld black light  


Cat spray on the carpet glowing under a handheld black light.

  Cat spray on the carpet glowing under a handheld black light  

Note: Due to low light conditions, blacklight photography produces poor photographic images. Actual urine stains will glow much more clearly than pictured.

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